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Municipality at a glance


       Munshiganj is a geographically important ancient town on the south bank of the Dhaleshwari river. In 160, the Mughal general Mir Jumla started the construction of Idrakpur fort and started building a city in this town. Munshiganj municipality was formed on 22 January 1982 with an area of ​​10.75 sq km and consisting of 3 wards. On July 21, 1993, it was upgraded to 'A' class and divided into 9 wards. Munshiganj municipality is headed by a municipal council consisting of 1 mayor elected directly by the people, 9 ward councilors and 3 women councilors in the reserved seats. Munshiganj municipality is bounded on the north by the Dhaleshwari river, on the south by the Mohakhali and Char Kewar unions, on the east by the extended part of the Meghna and on the west by the Panchasar union. Munshiganj municipality is a densely populated city with a population of about 72,000. As Munshiganj Municipality is located in the district headquarters, all the important district offices and establishments of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and many important private level offices are located here. That is why the municipal area is administratively the most important place in the district. Moreover, Munshiganj municipality is an ideal city, the seat of all social and cultural activities of Munshiganj district.